Unceasing globalization in every dimension is accompanied by the progressive digitization of both societies and various economic spaces. Almost every branch of industry is part of this trend, seeking innovative solutions focused on optimizing production processes, and thus the development and meeting the needs of ever-increasing demand.

Production automation has been around for a long time, but how can it be improved with modern technologies? Elaster Automatyka from Bydgoszcz as a company specializing in this field offers modern ways to significantly improve efficiency, product quality and market competitiveness without having to resort to significant financial outlays.

On the basis of existing technological lines, taking into account innovative solutions (materials, additional equipment, devices and software), we design modern systems in the field of electrical engineering and automation using the CAD environment SEE Electrical and ZWCAD.

projektowanie systemów automatyki

Co proponujemy w ramach oferty projektowania systemu automatyki przemysłowej?

Adaptation of the industrial automation system operating in a given entity to market requirements is a rather complicated process, which includes a number of activities enabling the implementation of a project that meets the expectations of a given business entity in accordance with applicable regulations. First of all, they include:

  • analysis of the production specifics, the actual state of the technological line with supporting infrastructure, including power supply, control and control as well as technical documentation,
  • development of preliminary assumptions for changes, list of material needs and equipment, including dedicated software,
  • presentation of the budget structure together with an assessment of the effects of the assumed optimization of the production process,
  • designing elements of the production system,
  • comprehensive project implementation, including necessary tests and commissioning of industrial automation systems.

These project documentation may consist of:

  • detailed technical description,
  • schemes of process automation (P&ID), peripheral automation systems, control and signaling, digital communication,
  • power schemes, cable routes, cable connections,
  • list of terminals, materials
projektowanie automatyki
Sterowanie maszyn

We perform and implement separate projects:

  • power supply and distribution,
  • machine control,
  • PLC control systems,
  • power supply and control of technological lines,
  • control and measuring equipment and automation.

The Elaster Automatyka company from Bydgoszcz designs and implements intelligent automation systems using both standard, if required by the technological environment situation as well as innovative technical and IT solutions. We always have the next implementation stage in mind, which should bring functional changes and an optimal control system for a specific, often uniquely configured production line. In fact, making continuous improvements to the system is not just a matter of seeking improvements for themselves. This is extremely important to ensure safety in maintaining production and its quality.

The offer applies to specialist design of industrial automation, as well as workmanship relates to investments in existing technological lines and newly emerging facilities, regardless of the type of business activity. Designing automation in accordance with our operating philosophy is a comprehensive implementation of the challenge of optimizing already functioning industrial solutions. We always strive to improve efficiency and energy efficiency, making investments in modernization will bring measurable benefits to our partners. 

In our portfolio of projects and implementation there are both institutions and entrepreneurs, and our existing projects confirm that the design of automation and the implementation of new ways of connecting elements of production lines brings the improvement of the most important parameters in the process of industrial production of goods. Importantly, the staff of Elaster Automatyka are people with professional preparation for comprehensive implementation of all plans to improve the production environment in accordance with the requirements and standards of the EU and the domestic market. Our unique experiences that we gain, each time creatively measuring new parameters and settings of devices, translate into the effectiveness of our work and real savings for customers.