Design and prefabrication of control cabinets and electrical switchboards

As part of extensive production automation, comprehensive designs of control systems and power supply systems for industrial automation are implemented. One of their key elements is the control cabinet. Its use is usually associated with the supervision of many devices. The basic functions of this type of cabinets are control, measurement, regulation, as well as start-up and control of machine operation. There is therefore no wonder that they are most often used in industrial automation, in which they control various systems and machines, also providing the necessary power supply, occurring in the form of electrical switchboards for this task. The quite complex control cabinet construction consists of, among others from control, measuring, protection, regulation, power supply and signaling systems.

szafy automatyki

The Elaster Automatyka company from Bydgoszcz, thanks to rich experience and specialist knowledge in the field of designing and prefabrication of control cabinets or typical electrical switchboards, as well as due to the skilful implementation of innovative technological solutions, implements optimal and effective projects, both prototype according to own designs and serial based on technical documentation received. Electrical switchgears designed in Bydgoszcz guarantee efficient and trouble-free operation of control systems. The prefabrication of control cabinets and switchgears is always tailored to the specific technological challenge that will determine the proper functioning of each production line.

Rozdzielnice elektryczne projektowane w Bydgoszczy to gwarancja wydajnej i przebiegającej bez zakłóceń pracy układów sterowniczych. Prefabrykacja szaf sterowniczych i rozdzielnic zawsze dopasowana jest do konkretnego technologicznego wyzwania, od którego będzie zależeć prawidłowe funkcjonowanie każdej linii produkcyjnej.

Comprehensive prefabrication of the electrical switchboard is the construction from the ground up of the main element of the installation responsible for supplying industrial facilities and technological lines. Designing the switchgear takes into account the demand for electricity, stability of its supply, the number of collection points, their type, nature and size of loads, as well as the possibility of expansion, if necessary. We use technical and material solutions adequate for the given project. It should be realized that only high-quality components resistant to environmental and internal conditions will ensure trouble-free implementation of industrial production and proper protection against electric shock as well as against the effects of overvoltage or short circuits.

Highly functional switchgears, or rather control cabinets that control the control system and power supply for industrial automation are usually the result of professionally performed prefabrication for a given production project.

In addition to components that perform tasks in the field of power supply, power distribution and protection, the cabinet includes, among others control panels, HMI operator panels or a PLC controller, which is responsible for receiving and transmitting all information, maintaining or changing programmed values, and as a result for the proper functioning of the production line, as well as individual stations.

prefabrykacja szaf sterowniczych Bydgoszcz
rozdzielnice elektryczne Bydgoszcz

Control cabinets and electrical switchgears designed by us designed for industrial applications are made in accordance with applicable standards and requirements and using our own innovations and solutions recognized in the industry of producers of components and control elements as well as power supply. We carry out every prefabrication with particular care, in a way that guarantees reliable operation and safety of switchgear operation.

We invite long-term cooperation of investors who are looking for a technological partner for years to service and optimize their machine park work.

Elaster Automatyka Company offers:

  • design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of complete automation cabinets,
  • prefabrication of control cabinets based on own design studies or technical documentation provided by the client,
  • prefabrication of electrical switchboards,
  • design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of electrical installation routes.
  • Why is it worth investing in electrical switchgears?

    It is difficult to imagine a complex of modern control systems without cabinets and switchboards, not only guaranteeing order and safety, but also taking active part in the correct control process. Electrical switchgears from Bydgoszcz ensure optimal use of automation solutions that are responsible for greater efficiency and better organization of production. Proper placement and calculation-based connection places are the most important features of switchgears, thanks to which uninterrupted production is possible without interference in the form of overvoltages or voltage drops.

    Proper distribution of the installation supplying individual parts of the production line with energy begins with the key nodes of the entire system. The prefabrication of electrical and control cabinets from ready components each time must be adapted to the conditions that the electrical switchboards will be in a place served by properly selected components. It also depends on the forecasted energy demand or tasks performed by the set of control components. Automation cabinets are at the heart of control systems and the success of the entire complex production process depends on how they are made.