Regardless of the complexity of industrial processes occurring in various economic entities, they require constant and specialized supervision focused on safety, maintaining optimal performance and, as a result, ensuring the highest quality of final products. Industrial automation control systems are charged with this task. Without their participation, it is difficult to talk about modern automation of production lines.

Modern industry cannot do without them, because solutions that do not take into account the process of increasing production optimization will not withstand competition from those entities that constantly subject their control systems to industrial automation with transformations related to technological progress. In the sphere of technology so sensitive to changes and undergoing constant transformation, one cannot afford to lack modernization activities. Failure to do so will really be a step backwards on the difficult path of maintaining competitiveness in every sector of the manufacturing market. Automation is the present and future of production, and modern control systems determine the success of any project.

It is true that the automation of production processes eliminates the need to maintain a larger number of full-time jobs, but other employees can count on lighter work in very good conditions and without worrying about their own health. Higher efficiency, excellent repeatability of production parameters, safe operation of machines are just some of the advantages of industrial automation control systems.

Modern controllers and software ensure a continuous process of ever more efficient production, without risking any moments of performance degradation or even longer downtimes. Optimized PLC control minimizes and even completely eliminates the so-called human factor, often exposing the production line to similar dangers. In return, it allows staff to maximize the undoubted advantages of wisely implemented automation.

Kodowanie plc

The Elaster Automatyka company from Bydgoszcz has implemented many innovative system projects in the field of industrial automation control, using modern technologies and specialist knowledge both in the area of analysis of technological lines operating in a given facility and optimization of their control. Taking advantage of the constant development of engineering electronics, we introduce a number of intuitive solutions supporting and facilitating the implementation of industrial production. In our daily work we use the unlimited possibilities offered by modern programming, often without limiting ourselves to generally accepted and used solutions. We try to solve any problems creatively by adapting the device software to the needs of the supported system.

PLC controllers are a key element in the operation of control systems. They have a significant impact on the uninterrupted, efficient production process. PLC control systems are the real key to the success of your company, that’s why in our system solutions we offer a number of modern and always adapted to the requirements of the specific application of the devices. Among the offered PLC controllers are, among others, the highest quality Siemens brand products (S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500) or GE Automation & Controls (VersaMax, RX3i, Horner). We always attach updated PLC software to reliable high-end devices, guaranteeing the best optimization effects for your production lines.

systemy sterowania plc

Elaster Automatyka offers in the area of design and programming of technological line control systems covers a wide range of comprehensive services, including expert analysis, project documentation and project implementation or author’s supervision. We will design using the Step7, TIA Portal, Proficy Machine Edition environment and perform complete control systems, including production line machines and devices:

  • programming PLC logic controllers (controlling the operation of machines, production processes, technological lines),
  • programming of logic PLCs of continuous processes,
  • programming PLC logic controllers in a configuration with stepper motors, encoders and inverters,
  • programming of HMI operator panels (visualization, setting work parameters for machines operating in production lines or technological lines),
  • input / output systems (solutions for local or distributed development of control systems with the task of downloading and collecting object signals),
  • redundant systems (solutions used to control systems for which it is necessary to ensure absolute accessibility – protection against unforeseen downtime and related costs),
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) IT systems – visualization of technological and production processes,
  • DCS class systems (distributed control systems integrating control systems, visualization, data archiving and tools supporting implementation, maintenance and servicing).

In the process of creating control systems, programming of PLC controllers is particularly important, thanks to which you can freely configure a complicated production process. We offer the best professionals for whom every order will be a new challenge and creative adventure. As a result, you will receive an optimized production line that will quickly and economically multiply your company’s production capacity. If you would like to take advantage of the huge possibilities that are at your fingertips due to modern automation, we invite you to take advantage of the professional and effective services of Elaster Automatyka.