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Human Machine Interface – the HMI operator panel built of components, responsible for the supervision and control of technological processes and machines, the operator observes, touches or manipulates them in another way, is undoubtedly a modern, intelligent solution for maintaining the highest quality of production in progress. Fast, trouble-free and clear access to the operating parameters of the production lines operating in a given industrial facility is an important element of the correct operation of automation systems. HMI operator panels are usually high-end complete devices that through process visualization, fast processors and flexible memory (modular extension of the device) provide full control over a given system, enabling monitoring and control of it, and receiving information in real time. Due to some limitations, the HMI operator panel can be used in enterprises having a specific size of the production system or be part of one system in larger installations.

HMI Bydgoszcz

What should the HMI operator panel look like? First of all, it should be perfectly adapted to the given system in the installation or the entire production system, which will ensure proper and fast interaction. The intuitiveness of service is another aspect that, depending on the operator, will allow selection of appropriate, individualized solutions, most often assigned in the program to a specific person. Access to advanced functions, and thus the possibility of interference in the production cycle by unauthorized persons is protected by passwords.

However, we must be aware that regardless of the manufacturer of the HMI operator panel, each of the commercially available ones has the option of visualizing the operation of the supported system or system to a limited extent. Most often, the factory software includes simple functions and commands as well as data presentations. That is why Elaster Automatyka designs visualization software with large configuration possibilities, implementation of various types of device support, data exchange with the enterprise systems and their management for the needs of specific recipients.

Panel sterowniczy
System kontroli produkcji

A comprehensive design offer that we use, among others WinCC, TiaPortal and Wonderware environments are primarily about:

  • production machine control visualization systems,
  • continuous technological process visualization systems,
  • visualization of technological lines,
  • visualization at operator or engineering stations as well as engineering and operator stations,
  • wvisualization of HMI operator panels.

Undoubtedly, the visualization of production processes is already an inseparable element of modern industry, not only improving its functioning, but also contributing to increasing efficiency and product quality.