The process of building control systems and industrial automation, regardless of the production carried out in a given facility, requires a number of very precise and planned actions ranging from expert analysis in the field of design and execution, through concept development, risk assessment, design, implementation and starting the production line. The reliability of the development of every element of the automation and control system, including the electrical installation, is the basis for achieving, above all, the highest functionality, assumed quality and production efficiency, safety and trouble-free launch of the investment. Elaster Automatyka from Bydgoszcz, an experienced and specialized company in this area, is well aware that only a professional approach to each project allows you to launch the production line without any obstacles and in accordance with the planned deadline, enabling the investor to implement business plans.

uruchomienie linii produkcyjnej

What do we pay special attention to?

Importantly, only by systematizing the process of building control and industrial automation systems will it be possible to fulfill the set goals. Proper risk assessment and hazard identification will determine the level of security adequate to your needs, indicating the necessary devices that support and protect the entire system, but not in detail. Otherwise, we will face additional costs related to design improvement and production delays. During design, we detail the concept of both simple and complex control and automation systems and power supply systems (electrical installations), we implement specific project verification procedures and actions confirming the desirability of using specific systems, devices, software, materials and processes leading to the achievement of planned effects.

Commissioning the production line

Undoubtedly, this is an extremely important stage of the project implementation, for which relevant activities as well as control and archiving documentation are applied. There is no place for errors anymore. Using appropriate procedures and hazard identification lists in specific processes, we verify the correctness of electrical installations, control systems and industrial automation, as well as compliance with the developed project. Elaster Automatyka fully comprehensive supervision over the course of commissioning. Functional tests developed for the given project during implementation are designed to assess the efficiency of systems and detect possible shortcomings, and the resulting necessary changes consulted with the investor and documented. Launched and fully operational production line with the electrical installation is ready for operation. Users are responsible for performing proper maintenance and routine service and maintenance activities. Elaster Automatyka provides warranty and post-warranty service if required. If there is a need to modify the electrical installation and the production line, e.g. due to the extension of technological processes, all changes are subject to the same procedure.

instalacje elektryczne bydgoszcz

The most common commissioning of control and automation systems at facilities include:

  • industrial automation cabinets,
  • electrical switchgears and electric control systems,
  • electric motors with direct start, star / delta and on inverters,
  • technological lines and production lines,
  • control systems: SCADA operator stations, PLC controllers, HMI panels,
  • I&C devices – level, temperature, flow, pressure measurement systems,
  • pneumatically and electrically operated valves.

Electrical Installations

In the design process, one of the key elements is to refine the construction details of the power supply system. The production line cannot be started without one hundred percent certainty about efficiently functioning wires and electrical components. The complicated system, which is undoubtedly a set of mechanical devices coupled with the controlling automation, requires precise supply of individual parts of the whole complicated structure with electric power supply. Otherwise, all branches and connected installations may be damaged during start-up as a result of the uncontrolled increase in voltage. Therefore, when designing electrical installations in our workshop in Bydgoszcz, we must take into account not only the routing of wires or the appropriate distribution of components, but also devices controlling the current flow along the entire line to protect installations and prevent unwanted increases in value and overvoltage that could end up immobilizing the entire production process.

Instalacje elektryczne

In addition to accurate calculations and planning the right scheme to support the energy needs of the production line, its start-up requires the transfer of the project to real conditions. Thanks to the experience and cooperation of designers and contractors, we are sure that the electrical installations tested many times in the laboratory conditions in Bydgoszcz will cope with the initiation process and will allow our clients to undergo a start-up period without technical problems. We take responsibility for both the project preparing the installation and the process of commissioning the entire system. We put into operation a working production system, ready to start work in accordance with the clients’ plan. Planning the supply of electricity and its activation in conjunction with the use of production automation and the mechanical part is the basis for the effective and trouble-free integration of new production areas – we invite innovative companies from various industries to cooperate, not afraid of technological and organizational challenges when expanding production.

We are a partner who values long-term cooperation and mutual trust.